From the vineyard to the wine

The current extension of the vineyards adds up to 50 hectares. 80% of this area is planted with Sangiovese, in accordance to the local tradition of Montalcino while other international red grape varieties and white local varieties are grown on the remaining 10 hectares. The genuine passion for agriculture led the Fanti family to an extremely respectful approach to the environment which is proven

by the dramatic reduction in the use of any chemical treatment in favour of traditional mechanical agronomical practices and organic fertilizers.
The commitment to quality keeps being the guideline of the wine making process in the modern and functional new cellar where tradition and innovation meet to take the best out of the grapes.

The sorting tables, the fermentation stainless steel vats and pumping over system planned
by Filippo Fanti himself, the carefully selected oak casks, the chemical laboratory and the attention for the details grant the Fanti wines always mirror the flavours and aromas of the grape and of the territory.

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